Cardinal Theme

The Faculty in a Glance

USC Faculty of Basic Sciences and New Biological Technologies

Faculty of Basic Sciences and New Biological Technologies was established in 2012 after the University of Science and Culture managed to hold successful higher studies programs with the cooperation of ACECR research centers. This recent yet successful experience could be used as a model for developing higher studies in Iran. Faculty of Basic Sciences and New Biological Technologies opens up new arenas of science, research and education and enables its faculty members and researchers to offer specialized medical services. Moreover, it paves the way for maximum exploitation of investments made in this field by the ACECR medical research centers. Also, large numbers of students find the opportunity to gain expertise in this field. In other words, extensive applied and developmental research leads to the formation of technology-based education which is an unprecedented step towards enhancing science and technology in Iran. Therefore, Faculty of Basic Sciences and New Biological Technologies aims to admit only postgraduate students in order to further its research programs.

This faculty aims to reach the following objectives:

  • To train pious, skillful and intellectually curious graduates with appropriate skills in basic sciences and new biological technologies.
  • To plan and organize interdisciplinary and technology-based programs approved by the Medical Sciences Universities Development Council and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  • To bring the research results into practice in Iran.
  • To deepen and enhance research activities by admitting postgraduate students.
  • To promote the culture of entrepreneurship in the state-of-the-art technologies.
  • To enhance international scientific and technological cooperation.
  • To attract expatriate Iranian scientists.
  • To cooperate with Muslim scientists worldwide.
  • To synergize research and educational capacities.
  • To increase postgraduate programs and create academic programs on the basis of Higher Studies Planning Document.

Faculty of Basic Sciences and New Biological Technologies hopes to take crucial steps to realize the objectives defined by the USC and use the scientific, research and cultural capacities of ACECR in medicine to promote the scientific and technological status of the country in cooperation with other national universities and research centers.